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Fortress VTOL Free Model


Free to download for educational purposes. If I were a student I would want something similar so thought why not
If I see this on the cinema screen one day I'll fight you.....profusely
Model is from 2 years ago, made entirely in Maya, I modelled it at that resolution so that wireframe is before smoothing. No plugins were used, just raw hand grease lmao.

It's full SUBD, topology is decent though not flawless, yes there are a few Ngons they're on planar surfaces, it was designed while under time constraints after work so short cuts were sometimes taken.

Also a video I made 2 years ago showing an overview of the process though this is not a time-lapse if you're interested.

Instagram plug since there are many highlights along the process too
and my blog which has more up to date work that makes this look like a abstract block of 2 year matured luscious but inedible cheese

Hope it helps, Feel free to tip me nandos :) hehe enjoy!